Inbound_Checklist_PDF_pdf                                                                                                                                      Inbound marketing aims to capture people while they're doing their research and gently          guide them toward becoming your customer.  It focuses on attracting new visitors to                your site with valuable content that speaks to their needs, converting those visitors into          leads by offering them specific content in exchange for an email address.  Just like this              landing page you are on now.



      33308Getting Started With Inbound Marketing

      Identify your campaign audience.  Understand your buyer persona before launching into a campaign so you can target them correctly.  Set                         your goals and benchmarks so you have tangible results at the end of your campaign.  Create your offer and landing pages to have a clear                                            value proposition and call to action.         


   seo-and-web-glyph-3-04-512 Build Your Inbound Campaign

    Plan and build your automation and follow up campaign to nurture leads once they convert from your landing page.  Write a blog post,                            share your campaign to social media, consider a PPC campaign, and don't forget to SEO your campaign as well as your landing pages so                                                organic traffic can find your campaigns long after you've stopped promoting them.


   Business_Analytics-512 Analyze And Report Your Results

    Make sure to implement tracking on your campaign landing pages (and emails if applicable) to ensure accurate campaign data and to learn                      what sources your traffic (and conversions) are coming from:  Google, organic search, social media, etc.  Use campaign analytics to compare                                         against the goals you set for the campaign in the beginning.