What’s The Connect Call All About?

April 16, 2020

For someone completely new to sales, the thought of calling up a complete stranger to strike up a conversation was more than a little daunting. How would I break the ice with a new prospect? Why in the world would someone want to talk to, let alone buy something from me? Luckily, my new employers at BizzyWeb enrolled me into HubSpot’s Lion Sales Pipeline Bootcamp (Lion Bootcamp) taught by Dan Tyre to answer these very questions. Could he teach a former legal professional a few tricks of the trade to make me worthy of a Business Development Manager title?




That was the resounding way Dan began each of our 8 Lion Bootcamp sessions; Dan’s thunderous energy, and the quick realization that there were no easy “tricks of the trade”, were my earliest takeaways from Lion Bootcamp. First and foremost, rain or shine, I need to wake up and summon the energy to attack every day. Dan wasn’t advocating a monolithic “rah-rah” approach, he understood that we all have different levels of natural spunk — however he emphasized the need to bring positive energy, and the importance of reading and matching a prospects energy level. So, how do I make sure I’m bringing the right energy? Easy. Stand up before you make a call. Take a deep breath. Smile.


A little background research before you press Dial goes a long way! If you can’t take a few minutes to click on the prospects/companies LinkedIn and Website, why should they take a few minutes to speak with you? Take a look at their demeanor in social media posts and pictures, do they post funny-professional material or is everything very buttoned down and subdued. This often dictates how much energy I bring to the connect call. If possible, find the companies Social Media and like or make a comment on a post that you find interesting. Most important of all, take time to write down a few helpful suggestions you can pass along to the prospect during the connect call. Now I was ready to press Dial, but how in the world was I going to sell them something?


Contrary to my preconceived notions, on the connect call you shouldn’t sell the prospect anything. Instead be helpful, ACTUALLY HELPFUL! As consumers we have all experienced “helpful” calls or emails that quickly deteriorate into a shakedown for your credit card information. Instead of qualifying a prospect on the connect call, I engage them with some of the information/helpful suggestions I found while researching. This shows the prospect I care enough to learn about them and their product, while also proving that I can add value. I am sure to actively listen to the prospect’s responses, lean into any struggles (or even successes) by asking, “hmmm, tell me more about that?” Using the information gathered by active listening, combined with your pre-call research, I can create an agency positioning statement that resonates with the prospect.


The Lion Bootcamp provided me with tools and resources that has enabled me to be helpful to prospects on the connect call. Outside of everything I have shared, the last important lesson that I took away from Dan is that Persistence is King. Most prospects don’t pick up the phone until your 4th time calling them, so if you think you’ve done your job by calling once or twice, forget about it! Stay persistent, stay consistent and when they do answer the phone prepare yourself to be as helpful to the prospect as possible.