CRM Data Clean Up Checklist



Why Do I Have To Clean My Data?                                                              

A neglected Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be paralyzing for marketing, sales and services teams. When the information you need becomes unusable due to the accumulation of errors in your data, it slows everyone down. 

Unfortunately there's no way to avoid these issues because:

  • Leads fill out forms on your website inaccurately.
  • Business development reps add contacts to your database based on the best information they can find.
  • Marketing captures and appends data as they nurture leads.  
  • Sales connects with leads, sometimes multiple times and adds data as they gather it over the phone.

You have to clean up your data but where do you start?

Figuring out how to actually make sense of your database is a time-consuming and expensive task. To make it easier for you, we've created this simple data clean up checklist that walks you through data clean up step by step.

What Does This Checklist Cover? 


✓ How to analyze your data

✓ How to clean up your fields

✓ How to clean up your data                                                                                   

✓ How to re-organize your lead sources and lists       

✓ How to create reporting that matters

✓ How to re-organize your lead sources and lists

✓ How to formulate and stick to a standard process

✓ How to look for duplicates and bad data

✓ How to re-import and organize your contacts