LinkedIn Strategy Guide

In this guide we will go through some simple yet effective strategies to help you get started with a new LinkedIn page or enhance your

current page,  from set up to small things that you can do to optimize your page to best fit your business.




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LinkedIn Strategy Guide Covers:


                                 LI marketing✓ Reaching more contacts

                           ✓ Creating engaging content 

                           ✓ General set up

                           ✓ Creating a logo and cover photo

                           ✓ Hashtagging

                           ✓ Showcase pages

                           ✓ Building trust with your audience

                           ✓ Additional tips to mastering LinkedIn






How Do Businesses Benefit From A LinkedIn Profile?


Showcase Your Brand

You can continually update your profile or company, giving your connections current information about what you’re doing. LinkedIn is a professional way for

companies to show people who they are. It is perfect for those times when someone wants a brief, but to-the-point introduction of what your company stands

for before they meet you.


Search Engine Optimization

LinkedIn profiles are ranked with high optimization on Google, meaning that having a LinkedIn profile will put you higher on the results page. Be sure that your

business shows up in the top search results by creating a LinkedIn company profile.



You can now get connected with people who may have been inaccessible in the past. LinkedIn is a great networking tool that helps you give and receive

introductions to people. With first, second and third degree “connections,” it’s easy to research companies and build relationships that can help your business grow.


Find New Employees

LinkedIn is a great source when looking for new talent. You can send direct messages and even see who's checking out your company or personal profile, which

is beneficial to finding prospective employees. LinkedIn also makes it easy to recruit new people by allowing you to post your job to LinkedIn.


Stay Updated

LinkedIn makes it incredibly easy to follow a company page with a news feed. People and companies you are connected with show up on your news feed when

they post updates. This works to your benefit too! Your content can appear on the wall of other companies and connections.



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