The Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Digital Tactics Need to be a Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Do you get a majority of your business from word of mouth? Have you tried to use the same verbiage online to attract leads? How is that working for you? That’s what we thought.

Why, you ask? Your elevator pitch that you use when meeting people needs to be different when trying to attract people online. Online users don’t see any of your body language and passion that you use when describing your products and services. Companies that use the same pitch in person and online are missing out on a whole new audience.

Amplify your voice in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Your digital marketing should be bringing in the right leads for your team, but you need to make sure to be strategic about it. What you say, and where you say it, can make a powerful difference in your approach. It’s the same basic tactics, but a different application. Your strategy should be the roadmap to getting to the right leads, and making them convert.

In this session you'll learn:

  • The difference between in person marketing and digital marketing
  • What to look at to research your digital marketing strategy
  • How your online competition may differ from who you see as your competition
  • Putting your strategy together
  • Set goals for the year

The details:

Date: July 14, 2021

Time: 12:00 - 1:00pm CT

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Cost: Free

Who should go: Marketers of all experience levels who work with sales and set digital marketing strategies

What you should bring: You'll need a laptop to join the conference, a good internet connection, and something to take notes with.

Join us for the webinar!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm not a Marketer, should I still come?

Yes! Anyone with a vested interest in marketing strategies should attend.

2. I think my marketing is working fine, what else could I possibly learn?

Sometimes we get so used to doing the same things, it's refreshing to look at it differently. Like drinking a cool beverage on a hot day.

3. Will I be seen on camera?

No, you won't.

4. Can I bring a friend?

You are welcome to have anyone with you watching the webinar you see fit.

5. Do I need a particular program to view the webinar?

This will be a Zoom webinar, and you can download the software when you get the link (if you don't have it already). You may want to log on a few minutes early so you don't miss anything.

Your Presenter for the Webinar

Trygve Olsen, BizzyWeb's Dir. of Business Development

Trygve Olsen, BizzyWeb’s Director of Business Development, has a wealth of experience in marketing after running his own digital marketing business, servicing both national organizations and helping to grow local businesses across the country. Trygve has extensive experience in website development, branding, organic SEO, special event management, Social Media marketing, and email marketing.  He is a small business advisor for the SBDC in Minnesota, won several awards for creative works and has ben a speaker for nationally known organizations since 2011.

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