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Avoid the Summer Slump: Grow Your Marketing with Growth-Driven Design

Summer is the time for pool parties, outdoor grilling and watching the clock until the end of the work day. It's hard to stay motivated through the summer when business typically slows and your mind is elsewhere. But it's important to keep your momentum going through the summer, instead of falling into the dreaded summer slump.

HubSpot asked three growth marketers for tips on avoiding the summer slump, and it's advice we all can take:


3 Growth Tips to Avoid the Summer Slump


1. Seek Out New Voices for Your Content

If you want to grow your content reach, try using Help a Reporter Out to source expert influencers & partners. You can quote them in your piece, and they'll share it to their own audiences.

-- Blaise Lucey, Director of Product & Content Marketing at Bitly


2. Make Your Content Extremely Easy to Share

Create content with sharing in mind, and give your audience a way to easily share it. People share content that they want to represent them, so make sure the piece will make them look smart when they share it. Then, build in sharing mechanisms like social media share links, and mailto links directly into the content.

-- Eric Peters, Growth Marketer at HubSpot Academy


3. Engage With Key Influencers

Be the first to comment on an influencer/journalist's content, and make sure the content adds value to the discussion. That's a better way to start a relationship (and drive more interaction with your own brand) than following them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

-- David Ly Khim, Growth Marketing Manager, Sales Products at HubSpot


Grow Your Marketing with Growth-Driven Design

Another way to ensure that your marketing doesn't slip is through Growth-Driven Design. A whopping 94% of visitors reported they closed out of a website or didn’t trust it simply because of an outdated design. (SourceGrowth-Driven Design (GDD) is a new approach to web design that stops this issue in its tracks. 

 In a Growth-Driven Design approach, websites are continuously updated every month, with substantive changes to keep your users engaged and moving through the buyer’s journeyIt’s a three-step, ongoing process:

  1. Strategy: Develop overall goals for the site to measure success.
  2. Launch Pad: A functional, but slightly more minimal, site that’s launched in 1-3 months.
  3. Continuous Improvement: The site is continuously updated and modified, using feedback from the goals set in step 1.

This strategy halts stagnation because you are constantly updating your website to meet your goals

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Stay on Target with Our SMART Goals Template

The first step to any digital marketing or Growth-Driven Design project is setting the right SMART goals. SMART is a methodology that helps you establish concrete and achievable goals. SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time Bound. Use our FREE template to set your SMART goals and grow your marketing.


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