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WordPress 5.0: What You Need to Know

The times they are a-changing. In the beginning of December, WordPress began rolling out the new version of their editor, which drastically changes how the interface looks. If your website was built in WordPress you may not have seen the change just yet, but it's expected to roll out on every website within the next few months.





WordPress 5.0 (or "Bebo") keeps all your favorite features intact, but it's switching from a Word-style editor to a drag-and-drop block-based editor. What does that mean for you, the user?


Block-Based Editing

The biggest change in WordPress 5.0 is how you edit your pages. To your visitors, nothing will look different. But in the backend of the website, things will look a little different. You'll now have the option to drag and drop content pieces where you want.


This gives you a bit more flexibility in your design. This change makes it easier for you to edit the look and feel of your website without having to reach out to your developer to code a new design. WordPress is constantly adding new blocks, but for now you have a wide variety of different content types to chose from:


Available Content Blocks

  • Paragraph
  • Heading
  • Preformated
  • Quote
  • Image
  • Gallery
  • Cover
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Columns
  • File
  • Code
  • List
  • Button
  • Embeds


The new editor offers new freedom to edit, but if you want to stick with what you know you can also keep the classic editor. For more information on the new editor, as well as how to revert back to the old editor, reach out to us:

We think WordPress 5.0 will be a welcome change for many of our clients. If you want a more through look at the new editor, we're always happy to walk through it in person. You can read the full press release from WordPress on 5.0 Bebo on their website

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