Chris Krohn

CRM Operations Manager

Hey bud… what’s your problem?

How many years have you been in marketing (or doing what you’re doing)?



What industries have you worked in?

Generally, production manufacturing and warehousing.


What talents do you have?

Overly researching literally everything. Troubleshooting and
Problem Solving.


What outside interests do you have?

Collecting useless vintage bicycle that I will never ride, hobby jumping and keeping tropical plants right on the cusp of death.


What is your favorite movie line?

Hey bud… what’s your problem?


What is the Buzz about you (accolades or certifications)?

Quickly learning and moving through

all the Hubspot hubs.


Why do you like working here?

It’s the people and culture. Autonomy and freedom to learn new things.


What gets you up in the morning?

Coffee and coffee.


What is your BuzzWord?



Favorite candy bar

Reese’s Fast Break

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