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         On-Page SEO Checklist:

         How to Optimize for Search Engines



What Is On-Page SEO?                                                  Get Your On-page SEO Checklist

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages                                             

in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines.               

On-page refers to both the content and the HTML source code of a page

that can be optimized, as opposed to off page SEO which refers to links

and other external signals.


How Do I Improve My On-Page SEO

If you are new to SEO, you may want to start with the basics. To rank

higher in Google search, web page structure needs to be optimized both

technically and writing-wise. An optimized page will be easy for your

intended audience to find on Google and then be satisfied after

reading/viewing/experiencing it.


The basics of how to make that happen boil down to staying focused

on the searcher’s query (aka your primary keyword) and making the

page easy to read, skim, understand, and share. 


Google is pretty good at understanding written passages and related

topics within your webpage’s text, but there are still plenty of ways to send

Google positive signals that make it easier for the search engine to find

and understand your content.


Download our SEO checklist of important on-page elements you can optimize for

on-page SEO and content optimization. 



                            Are you having any of these issues with your site?


                                                                                    ✓ Rankings are dropping or you're not ranking at all

                                                                                    ✓ High bounce rate

                                                                                    ✓ Decrease in traffic, specifically organic

                                                                                    ✓ No SEO strategy in place or haven't updated strategy in years

                                                                                    ✓ Struggling with local SEO or can't get local traffic to your site

                                                                                    ✓ Low or no conversions from current traffic


                                             We Can Help.  Learn more about our SEO strategies.


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Case Study

Increasing Organic Traffic and Conversions for the Equipment Rental Industry

SEO timelines




Our client needed a new website to easily show rental products for both the equipment and party rental companies

and answer client questions on how to use the equipment. 


We created two websites for each Broadway Rental company that integrates an estimating tool that focuses on orders

and is mobile-responsive. After site launch we implemented a full SEO strategy including, technical SEO, organic SEO, and content.


Keeping the site in good technical health and optimizing pages immediately, boosted Broadway's organic traffic by 116% in 6 months. 

They have had continued growth (over 1000%) year over year with a consistent 45% conversion rate. 85% of all Broadway's traffic

comes from organic search.

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