25th Anniversary Retrospective

It seems impossible that it's been 25 years since I started BizzyWeb as a hobby, building websites for friends and small businesses. It seems fitting that for our "silver anniversary," we welcome our 25th team member, and looking in the mirror, I have a bit of silver (well, maybe more than a bit). 

This journey wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from all of you. Thank you to our fantastic customers who trust us as partners to grow their businesses online. I'm incredibly grateful to our team of talented employees, who are all now more family than coworkers. Of course I'd also like to shout-out our friends and partners, who have been instrumental in shaping BizzyWeb into the company it is today. Your advice, partnership and collaboration has been tremendous. 

From our commitment to creating easy-to-maintain websites in our early days, to becoming a leading growth partner to our clients using tools like HubSpot, we've always strived to deliver the best possible service. Your continued support has allowed us to evolve and grow alongside the ever-changing digital landscape.

Here's to another 25 years of generating buzz without getting stung!

- Dave Meyer, President of BizzyWeb

As a fun throwback, let's take a look at past versions of the BizzyWeb site.

BizzyWeb of Yore

Scroll through the slideshow below for some fun BizzyWeb memories! Cue mushy soft-rock, "Time of our Lives" music: 

screenshot of bizzyweb's site in 2003
2003 - Our very first site on the world wide web! It's simple, but it gets the job done. Our mascot Buzz was designed in an early version of Photoshop, of course.
screenshot of bizzyweb's site in 2005
2005 - Our site and mascot has the first of many makeovers. This retro-inspired look will last for a while.
a screenshot of bizzyweb's site in 2008
2008 - A huge leap forward for design and function- and our first WordPress-powered company site. This is the rise of blogging, and our new site echos popular sites like LiveJournal, WordPress and Tumblr.
2011 - Our mascot Buzz goes through another major appearance change - into the iconic look he still sports today.
a screenshot of the bizzyweb site in 2014
2014 - This was a major design shift for our site. With the popularity of cell phones, our site goes full-width and mobile-friendly. 
a screenhot of the BizzyWeb site in 2017
2017 - Minimalism is in, and our site for this year is a paired down to simple icons and limited text.
a screesnshot of the bizzyweb site in 2019
2019 - The 2019 site is in many ways a mixture of past versions of the BizzyWeb site, while still being very much of the time.
And here we are today! Focused on growth for our clients, integrating our leadership in HubSpot and CRM into the mix. What's in store next? 


Here's to the past 25 years, and looking toward the future!

BizzyWeb is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing and web design agency that helps companies get the high-quality leads they need to grow and thrive. Our tactics include inbound marketing, SEO, advertising, web design, content creation and sales automation. We are an accredited HubSpot Platinum Partner and we offer full-service HubSpot onboarding, enablement and strategy for new and current users.

Dave Meyer
Author: Dave Meyer
Dave Meyer is President of BizzyWeb. Dave has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications and has presented digital marketing topics to thousands of people across the US and Canada.