Is Facebook Still Relevant for Businesses in 2022?

Facebook used to be the unquestioned powerhouse of social media. With their omnipresent platform thanks to their acquisition of other popular networks like Instagram and WhatsApp, it was nearly impossible to find someone who 

Jan 14 2022

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Create Stunning Marketing Videos Using Your Phone (In Less Than 5 Minutes)!

From 5-second TikTok videos to 3 hour livestreams on Twitch, videos has become a powerhouse beyond YouTube. If you're still struggling with incorporating online video into your marketing, now's the

Jan 07 2022

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Why Search Intent Optimization is as Important as SEO

How often has this happened to you: you search for a recipe online, click on one of the first results you see in Google... only to be met with a massive wall of text and photos?


What was your reaction?

Dec 30 2021

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LinkedIn Tips for 2022

LinkedIn has grown beyond just "Facebook for business" to a powerhouse social media network in their own right.

From 2020 to 2021, LinkedIn's global audience grew from 675 million to a whopping 738 million (source:

Dec 16 2021

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The 10 Most Important Website Metrics to Track in 2022

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for seeing real-time how users are engaging with your website.

It's also a dense, overwhelming web of information.

Dec 09 2021

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Don’t Buy that List - How to Grow Your Email List for Free

Temptation comes in many forms. Sometimes it's a double chocolate brownie, sometimes it's an extra pair of boots just in case you get tired of the other 12 you own, and sometimes it's a "list of pre-screened emails and phone

Dec 03 2021

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How to Create Emails People Actually Want to Read

Are your emails actually getting read, or are they just falling into a void along with the hundreds of other emails your readers receive every single day?

Nov 24 2021

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6 Steps to Audit Your Website (And Why You Should Do It)

Is your site performing how it should? Are you getting the amount of leads you want from it? Are you showing up when people are searching for your industry?

Nov 19 2021

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How to Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Have you heard about the latest sensation sweeping the nation? 

Ok, well maybe inbound marketing isn't exactly "sweeping the nation" but it is definitely the best new approach to handling your marketing strategy. Today we'll

Nov 12 2021

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How Apple’s New Privacy Update Impacts Digital Marketing

The new Apple iOS 15 update has changed the world of email marketing.  With this update, Apple is increasing privacy among users. This has many marketers and business owners confused, scared, and scrambling for answers.

Nov 05 2021

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How to Tailor Your Website to Follow Your Buyer’s Journey

Selling is as much an exercise in marketing as it is in psychology. Buyers all crave different things, even if they all have the same basic need that drives them to your business.

Understanding what brings them to your

Oct 29 2021

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How a CRM Improves Customer Service

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Inadequate customer service is one of the top reasons why good clients leave a business. A study from PWC found that a whopping 32% of customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved

Oct 22 2021

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Why Aren't People Opening Your Emails?

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Ever feel like you're just shouting into a void? That no matter how amazingly beautiful your emails are, no matter how Earth-shattering the subject matter, it doesn't even matter because barely

Oct 15 2021

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How to Get Leads from LinkedIn

Most business have a LinkedIn page, but many businesses don't actually use LinkedIn. Simply having a page and waiting for leads to come find you won't yield desirable results. 

Instead, you need to make sure your LinkedIn

Oct 08 2021

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Why Your Website is Scaring People

Gather round, I have a terrifying tale. And every last word is true. There was once a website...a seemingly normal website. But underneath the surface, dark forces were at work.

Visitors would come, but they wouldn't stay.

Oct 01 2021

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How to SEO a Page in Less Than 10 Minutes [Free Checklist]

Having a fantastic website is great - but if no one can find it, then it's not going to bring you the leads you want. 

The process of getting found on search engines is SEO, or search engine optimization. It's a way of

Sep 24 2021

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How to Create Compelling CTAs (Calls-to-Action)

Here's a million-dollar question: how do you get people to do what you want them to? It isn't enough to just dump words out into the universe and hope that does something.

Whether you're putting together a website, sending

Sep 17 2021

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How to Create a Customer Journey Map [Free Template]

Finding your perfect customer is crucial to your marketing and website. But how do you find them? 

The answer is by mapping out your customer journey. This is the path that your ideal customer takes from lead all the way to

Sep 10 2021

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5 Signs Your Website Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It)

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Your website is the most important online sales tool you have - unfortunately, it's often also the most neglected.

If you aren't seeing online leads like you'd hoped, it's time to re-evaluate. Your

Sep 03 2021

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How to Use PPC to Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing

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Getting more leads is usually the goal of any marketing program, but how to get those leads is the million dollar question. A highly effective approach is to combine inbound marketing and 

Aug 27 2021

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10 Things Every Website Needs

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Not every website is the same, but every good website has a few things in common. No matter what your business or what your website looks like, every website needs these 10 things in order to be

Aug 20 2021

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