Dial it In Yearly Roundup 2023

Dave and Trygve spend their days meeting with amazing people that work with businesses of all kinds, and Dial it In is a podcast about how to drive revenue, through storytelling and without the boring sales jargon.  If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, improve your sales, make better decisions or just, you know, Dial it In for your business, this show is for you!

Since launching our Podcast in March 2023, we've had an incredible year full of incredible people. Explore some of our highlights below with the 10 most-streamed episodes of 2023. Catch up with all episodes on the DII website or your favorite streaming service. 

S1 EP6: Everybody's favorite new shiny tool: Chat GPT

Guest: ChatGPT



We scored the guest of all guests - the one that's completely disrupting the world: ChatGPT. No, not an expert on ChatGPT, the actual ChatGPT. We talk about use cases, whether or not you can replace your content writers - even a good discussion about plagiarism. Finally - ChatGPT's got jokes! Dave and Trygve test ChatGPT's comedic muscle to see if it can match up with two kings of bad dad jokes. If you want to know about ChatGPT and how it can help your organization, this is a must-listen.

S1 EP16: Unconventional Sales Tips and Tactics

Guest: Scott Plum, Minnesota Sales Institute



How do you get through to that perfect prospect? Are the leads weak, or is it what you do with them? Join Professor Scott Plum with the Minnesota Sales Insitute as we put the dialing back into DialItIn. Learn essential techniques for making connections, gaining trust, and creating collaborative and committed sales teams.  

S1 EP3: The Language of Coffee and Connections 

Guest: Obed Santos, Idioma Coffee


Like any good business - we're starting the day with a great cup of Joe. Meet international roaster Obed Santos from Idioma Coffee, who teaches Dave and Trygve the language of Coffee. Special bonus - the guys dissect the entire Starbucks menu so you know what's actually in that thing you drink (hint: it's usually milk, .

S1 EP4: Delivering High-Level Customer Service

Guest: Ekeze Enubuzor, AT&T


Not all products are unique. So how can you sell more? Superior service. We talk to Ekeze Enubuzor from AT&T, who sells more by providing a superior level of service. In this episode, we cover:

+ Setting yourself apart in your niche

+ How to provide stellar customer service

+ How to demonstrate customer service - show you do it, don’t just say you do it

And more…

S1 EP15: Using technology to your advantage in the sales process

Guest: Josh Fedie, SalesReach


The guys are joined by Josh Fedie of SalesReach as we discuss sales enablement, tips and tricks on how to use CRM for growth, and much more. Josh started in a marketing agency, transitioned to custom software development, and found success selling creative services. If you love sales and timesavers and are looking for ways to improve your value as a resource to your prospects, this is a must-listen!

S1 EP17: Managing Change

Guest: Sayre Darling


In this episode of "Dial It In," Dave and Trygve discuss their ability to deal with change and bring on an expert to prove their point. They interview Sayre Darling, a change management expert, who shares insights on how businesses can successfully navigate the one true constant in business: Change. They discuss fear of change, how to communicate change to employees, and the importance of having a change management plan in place. Tune in to learn how to "dial it in" when it comes to change in your organization.

S1 EP13: Wrestling Culture and Money

Guest: Mark "Mad Dog" McDowell


This episode of Dial It In tags a pro wrestler in from ringside: Mark the Mad Dog McDowell, half of the American Bulldogs tag team and co-owner of 3X Wrestling in Des Moines, Iowa. Mark talks about how he started his career in wrestling - from watching Bulldog Rob Brown with his grandfather to researching training camps and attending shows. He then explains the training process, which he compares to high school, as well as how wrestling is not "fake" but a form of on-the-job training.

S1 EP19: The Dos and Don'ts of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Guest: Todd Vaske


Listen, we don't do video production, and there's a good reason for it. It's a lot of work, and in today's marketplace it's multidimensional and as critical as ever. So we're talking to Todd Vaske, a longtime video producer, about the Why questions: Why is video so important in 2023? What does it take to build a video campaign? Most importantly, what is a food stylist?

S1 EP9: The Secret of Fractional Hiring with John Arms

Guest: John Arms, Voyageur U



What is Fractional talent and why is it growing in popularity? How do you know if fractional talent is right for your next chapter, or for your business? Join Dave, Trygve and Fractional wunderkind John Arms of Voyageur U as we talk through what you need to know if you're considering going fractional.

S1 EP20: Medicare and Selling to Other Generations

Guest: Tom Peterson, Twin City Underwriters


It's harder and harder to raise parents today. As we're aging into being the "sandwich" generation, we're doing more and more research on how to take care of our folks, so we're bringing in an expert: how do you help someone find help without them knowing they need help? Tom, Trygve and Dave talk about Harry Truman, differences in Medicare, how to "screw up in the fall and fix it in the winter" and how to be in front of the problem, all while getting a really great primer on what and how Medicare makes a difference for people.

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Dial it In is a podcast about how to drive revenue, through storytelling and without the boring sales jargon.  If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, improve your sales, make better decisions or just, you know, Dial it In for your business, this show is for you!

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