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Calculate the number of leads you need in order to hit your revenue targets.

Use this lead calculator any time you need to get to the actual number of leads needed to accomplish your goals through marketing.


With the Lead Generation Calculator You'll Know:


How many visitors are needed each month to reach your goals


How many new leads you need each month


How many of those leads need to become customers

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How Many Leads Do You Need?


When you ask Sales, that is the answer you’ll get. But “more” isn’t a measurable metric. You need specific numbers.

This calculator will give you easily understood monthly numbers that translate into web traffic and will meet your needs.


You Know How Many Leads You Need

Now Learn How to Generate Them

Once you've got your target defined, you need a strategy to start generating the number of leads you need each month. You need a high-performing, growth-driven website. We can help with that.