Why Growth-Driven Web Design Can Improve Your Sales Process

Your website should be your best salesperson, but is that true for your current website? If your website isn't bringing you consistent quality leads, it's time to try a new approach. Growth-Driven Web Design can improve your sales process by increasing the number of leads from your site and streamlining how leads are transferred from your website to your sales team.


What is Growth-Driven Web Design (GDD)?

Growth-Driven Web Design is an approach to web design that focuses on smaller changes executed throughout the year, based on user data. Instead of focusing all your time and energy upfront, you spend less time initially on the site but more time throughout the year updating the site.

chart showing the difference between traditional web design and growth-driven design


Growth-Driven Web Design breaks out of the mold of traditional design to take a more proactive approach. It focuses on converting leads and staying on top of design trends by following user behavior. On average, agencies that switched to Growth-Driven Web Design reported 16.9% more leads and 11.2% more revenue in just 6 months. (Source)

In a Growth-Driven Design approach, websites are continuously updated every month, with substantive changes to keep your users engaged and moving through the buyer’s journeyIt’s a three-step, ongoing process:

  1. Strategy: Develop overall goals for the site to measure success.
  2. Launch Pad: A functional, but slightly more minimal, site that’s launched in 1-3 months.
  3. Continuous Improvement: The site is continuously updated and modified, using feedback from the goals set in step 1.

How Does GDD Improve Your Sales Process?

The core tenant of GDD is identifying your target market and structuring your website to service them. Through this process, you weed out irrelevant leads and target only the best possible customers. Through the process of creating your buyer personas and walking through their buyer's journey, you also understand how your customers make purchasing decisions. This allows you to:

  • Pre-qualify leads right on the website so you spend less time chasing down the wrong customer
  • Anticipate their pain points and address them proactively
  • Know which communication channels they prefer
  • Coordinate your sales team so everyone is on the same page about your marketing goals
  • Identify negative personas - e.g., who is not a good lead
  • Lower your customer acquisition cost

This ultimately saves your sales team time and labor, since they waste less time on fruitless leads and are also armed with knowledge about your leads before they have to do any research. Additionally, using a tool like HubSpot in your web design allows you to streamline leads from your site directly into your CRM.

If you want more qualified leads to your site, Growth-Driven Web Design is a better approach.

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Dave Meyer
Author: Dave Meyer
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