Andy Wojtowski

Director of User Experience

“Smile and Wave boys. Just Smile and Wave.”
- Penguins of Madagascar



How many years have you been in marketing (or doing what you’re doing)?

Almost 30 Years


What industries have you worked in?

Web service, print production, video production, manufacturing, event and meeting management, financial, aerospace, government contracting


What talents do you have?

Web development, project management, IA, UX, layout and design, sound production, theatrical and movie lighting, consulting, audio and video production, PHP, mySQL, Html, CSS



What outside interests do you have?

Lighting and sound production, volunteering at my kid's school, taking in live performances such as Broadway shows, musicals and concerts, fishing, boating, visiting art and history museums, golf


What is your favorite movie line?

“Smile and Wave boys. Just Smile and Wave”
- Penguins of Madagascar


What is the Buzz about you (accolades or certifications)?

Education: B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Minor in Art History (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Google Certifications: Google Analytics for Beginners, Google Tag Manager

HubSpot Certifications: Client Management, CMS for Developers, CMS for Marketers, CMS Hub Implementation, Data Integrations, Frictionless Sales, Inbound, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Hub Implementation, Marketing Software, Platform Consulting, Reporting, Sales Hub Implementation, Sales Hub Software

LinkedIn Learning: Python for Non-Programmers


Why do you like working here?

No other place that allows me to work from home and do what I love with a great bunch of people all over the country


What gets you up in the morning?

My alarm then sunshine


What is your BuzzWord?

Let’s figure it out


Favorite candy bar

Necco Wafers

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