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Jena Felsheim

Content Specialist

“Hasta la vista, baby.”
– Terminator 2


How many years have you been in marketing (or doing what you’re doing)?

8 years


What industries have you worked in?

Higher education, nonprofit and hospitality


What talents do you have?

Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and other text-based communications.



What outside interests do you have?

Reading, video games, movies, comics, sci-fi. General geekery. You can always talk to me about Mass Effect.


What is your favorite movie line?

“Hasta la vista, baby.”
-Terminator 2


What is the Buzz about you (accolades or certifications)?

Education: B.A. English / Communication Studies (Hamline University)

Google Certifications: Google My Business, Google Analytics for Beginners

HubSpot Certifications: Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Driven Design, Inbound, Service Hub Software, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Hub Software LinkedIn Learning: Employer Branding, LinkedIn Advertising, LinkedIn Creator Mode, B2B Marketing, Jump-Start Your LinkedIn Live Channel, Marketing on

LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide, Recruiting Talent with Social Media

Accolades: Graduated Magna Cum Laude (Hamline University).


Why do you like working here?

Everyone on the team loves what they do and genuinely wants to help our clients. There's a lot of snake oil salesmen in the marketing industry and it's invigorating to work with an ethical, honest and passionate team.


What gets you up in the morning?

Britney Spears – my alarm is set to "Circus."


What is your BuzzWord?

Byeeeeeeeee!" (accompanied by an excited wave)


Favorite candy bar

Milky Way Midnight.

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