HeartCert CPR Training trains heroes every day. Owner Tim Smith, a former firefighter and EMT, saw the need for CPR and First Aid training for the masses. HeartCert aims to train as many people as they can, and provide affordable, quality training.

The Challenge

HeartCert began as a Twin Cities-only business but have since expanded to multiple cities across several states. They also didn’t have a clear marketing strategy in place.

Client Priorities

  • A modern site designed for optimal user experience
  • A site that would funnel visitors to the relevant location, based on where they were searching from

  • Intelligent page organization for a dense site

  • Integration between the website and the class signup/scheduling tool (MyTASystem)

  • A consistent marketing plan, with an emphasis on SEO

The Plan

We knew that HeartCert needed a robust website solution to account for their unique needs. We quickly got to work:

  • Researched site use to identify points of friction. Created a design that was clean, easy to scan, and would be usable for the large number of mobile visitors.
  • Created a multi-site system for each city with a HeartCert trainer, optimized to direct visitors to the relevant sub-site based on location. If a user’s location can be determined, they are directed to the main website to find their desired location.
  • Organized content so that the site isn’t overwhelming for visitors. Classes are divided and organized by subject, and search bars allow for additional filtering.
  • Developed a customized integration between the WordPress website and the MyTASystem course scheduling platform.
  • Identified key areas to drive more traffic to the site and improve SEO. Created a marketing strategy using blogging, PPC, social media, and technical SEO. Each month BizzyWeb produces and publishes marketing content across these channels

The Results

We shouldn’t brag, but the numbers don’t lie


Increase of organic event signups


Average monthly visitors to the blogs


Of Traffic each month is organic

The new site structure makes it easy for visitors to find the exact classes they need, no matter what brings them to the site. Heartcert now has:

  • Intelligent multi-site with sub-sites for each location, that can be easily cloned as new locations are added
  • Connected sub-sites to pull detailed tracking data collectively or break down data by location.
  • More detailed data on class sign-ups through integrated systems
  • An ongoing, adaptable monthly marketing strategy
  • User-optimized website content