5 HubSpot Sales Dashboard Templates to Try

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Data is important - but the right data is critical. With the overwhelming number of options for data tracking in HubSpot, it's hard to know where to even start.

We've got you covered- if you're a sales rep or a sales manager looking for valuable data reporting, you'll want to try these 5 HubSpot sales dashboard templates.

What is a Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard is a visual representation of your sales data. As a salesperson, you can filter information using different time periods and even pull in real-time data with some sales dashboards.
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Every dashboard below only includes reports that come with HubSpot in the reports library. No custom reporting needed! Make your new dashboard, plug in the reports listed in each template and bam - you've got a high-value, easy-to-read sales dashboard ready to go.

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1. Target Accounts Overview 

target accounts dashboard

This template is designed for sales reps who need an overview of the Target Accounts owned by them. It lets them get a quick view of which target accounts last took an action (and what they did), last touch base with a salesperson and who the decision maker is at each target account. 

Reports to Add to This Dashboard:

  • Target accounts by time last seen
  • Target accounts by recent conversion
  • Target accounts by sales activity dates
  • Target accounts with no decision maker
  • Target accounts with no buying roles

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2. High-Level View of Sales Activities

High-Level View of Sales Activities

This template is designed for sales managers and management who want a high-level overview of sales activities, open deals, timelines for closing deals and deal values. It will give you a nice look at your overall sales performance so you can compare it against your goals.

Reports to Add to This Dashboard:

  • Activity Leaderboard by Sales Rep
  • New Deals Created This Month
  • Open Deals Set to Close This Month
  • Average Deal Size This Year
  • Deals Won & Lost This Year
  • Deal Loss Reasons This Year

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3. Completion/Task Tracking

Completion/Task Tracking

This template is designed for sales reps, sales managers and management to track the completion of deals and tasks. This goes more in-depth than the previous report, for more detailed data and performance tracking. Our template is based on a 2-week cycle, but you can use any timeline you want for this data.

Reports to Add to This Dashboard:

  • Completed Activities Last 2 Weeks
  • Call Outcomes Last 2 Weeks
  • Tasks Completed Last 2 Weeks
  • Tasks Completed This Month
  • Time Spent in Deal Stage Last Quarter
  • Time in Deal Stage This Quarter
  • Deal Push Rate This Month
  • Deal Push Rate this Quarter

4. Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing

This template is designed for sales reps and organizations who are using account-based marketing. This is similar to the target accounts overview dashboard, but with additional reports that provide insight into contacts within a target organization and their activities. 

Reports to Add to This Dashboard:

  • Ideal Customers
  • Target Accounts by Active Deal Amount
  • Target Accounts by Buying Role
  • Target Accounts by Number of Associated Contacts
  • Contact Lifecyle Stage by Target Account
  • Contacts Created at Target Accounts Weekly
  • Target Accounts by Sales Activity Dates
  • Target Accounts by Page Views

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5.  Sales Opportunity 

Sales Opportunity 

This template is designed for sales reps and sales managers to look at forecasting and opportunities. Most of the other reports focus on what's been done - this report looks at what needs to be done yet to reach goals.

Reports to Add to This Dashboard:

  • Quota Attainment vs. Goal
  • Weighted Pipeline Forecast
  • Time in Deal Stages
  • Open Deals Expected to Close This Month
  • Calls Made vs. Goal
  • Deal Created Totals vs. Goal
  • Meetings Booked vs. Goal
  • Total Meetings Booked by Type
  • Average Purchase Value

Data is critical, but you don't want to get bogged down in reporting paralysis at the overwhelming amount of data available in HubSpot. Instead, use these sales dashboard templates to get started with intelligent tracking and reporting.

But what happens if you start with these reports and find that you need more custom options? What if you have a large sales team, a longer sales cycle or custom deal stages that aren't covered in HubSpot's default reporting options? Then you need to partner with a HubSpot partner.

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