Content Hub™ Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) for your website is not a task that should be taken lightly. Your website is one of the most powerful sales and marketing assets, and a critical growth engine for your business. 

We created this guide for anyone considering HubSpot's CMS: Content Hub. Explore key features, pricing and use cases.

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This in-depth guide covers:

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What Is HubSpot CMS?

Learn what HubSpot CMS (Content Management System) is and why it benefits your business. From comprehensive web hosting and content creation  to simplifying the process of building, managing, and optimizing websites. 

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Different Hub Tiers for Growth

HubSpot offers different tiers of CMS (Content Management System) that cater to different needs and requirements. These tiers are: Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. We will walk you through the benefits of each tier.

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Unique Content Hub Features

Content Hub is designed to create personalized content experiences across the customer journey. Compared to other CMS options, there are more built-in tools that let you easily create personalized experiences.

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Popular Features

Get a sneak peek at the guide: explore some of the most popular features in Content Hub.

Make your content work hard — without the hard work — by generating additional content formats out of a simple blog post in minutes.

Don’t let inconsistent or dry content dilute your brand identity. With HubSpot’s content assistant, effortlessly create on-brand copy that truly represents your business across blogs, email, social media, and more.

Build a website for your business with HubSpot’s CMS software to drive traffic, generate leads, and grow revenue. HubSpot makes it simple to create a remarkable business website. Our free CMS software includes a theme library, a drag-and-drop editor, premium cloud hosting, website analytics, and much more. Get everything you need to get your business up and running online, no developer required.


Hungry sales teams always need more leads, and with HubSpot’s lead capture software, you’ll be able to get them.

BizzyWeb Hubspot FAQ

BizzyWeb is a certified partner reseller of HubSpot services. 

Is BizzyWeb a HubSpot Partner?

BizzyWeb is a HubSpot Platinum Partner: we offer full-service HubSpot onboarding, enablement and strategy for all hubs. Our team has over 196 certifications in HubSpot (and constantly growing). No matter what your HubSpot needs are, our team is ready to handle them.


Plus, we are the only agency in Minnesota with a Platform Enablement Accreditation from HubSpot - sounds fancy, but it means we're top-notch in making HubSpot work within your business.

Is BizzyWeb a HubSpot Reseller?

Yes and no. We are a partner with HubSpot, which means that we do more than just resell. We offer full-scale onboarding, marketing and optimization services.

How Do I Find Pricing?

HubSpot pricing is subject to change, depending on the Hub(s) purchased and at what tier. Additionally, if you work with BizzyWeb we are able to acquire partner-exclusive discounts for our clients. 

Generally speaking, HubSpot prices are based on the number of paid seats. You can find a more in-depth pricing breakdown here: HubSpot Pricing Guide (Updated for 2024).

Why Should I Work with a Partner Agency vs. Purchase Direct?

HubSpot is a complex tool, and it’s easy to miss out on the best features when you DIY. Additionally, most teams find that they just don’t have the time to set up HubSpot properly and stay on top of their duties. This means that HubSpot implementation gets pushed off indefinitely.

Working with a partner agency offers you the following benefits: 

  • A team of HubSpot experts, who can offer perspective and guidance across different Hubs, markets, teams and use cases.
  • Time and cost savings through efficient auditing and strategy execution.
  • Clear objectives with documented outcomes and reporting.
  • Ongoing maintenance and communication, to align strategies and expectations.