What is HubSpot's New Content Hub?

What is HubSpot's New Content Hub?

Welcome to the age of content. HubSpot has expanded its web and marketing offerings with a new tool: Content Hub. Content Hub is an all-in-one AI-powered content marketing software that is an evolution of their previous CMS Hub and Marketing Hub software.

Here's what you need to know about the new Content Hub - whether you currently use HubSpot, or are considering using it in the future.

What are HubSpot Hubs?

HubSpot is a suite of software tools for marketing, contact management, sales, service, billing and web design. It all begins with the free customer relationship management system (CRM). From there, customers can choose any or all of the hubs they need to unlock additional features. As of this update, all available components of HubSpot are:

  • HubSpot CRM - A contact management database.
  • Sales Hub - Additional tools for sales enablement, like scheduling, pipelines and automation. 
  • Marketing Hub - Digital marketing tools like social media, online advertising and inbound marketing automation. Some tools in Content Hub work alongside your marketing strategy (more on that later).
  • Service Hub - Tools for customer service teams, like a ticketing system, knowledgebase and chatbot.
  • Commerce Hub - Unlocks payment tools, like quotes, invoices and in-app payments.
  • Operations Hub - Quality of life improvements for all of HubSpot, like bulk editing, automated data formatting and data health tracking.
  • Content Hub (formerly CMS Hub) - A website builder and content management system - which I'll dig into more in the next section. The new Content Hub has more features than the previous CMS Hub.

Most Hubs are offered at different tiers of pricing, which also includes different features. This buildable model means that you can fully customize your HubSpot account for your current organization and your growth goals.

What is Content Hub?

HubSpot describes Content Hub as "an all-in-one, AI-powered content marketing software that helps marketers create and manage content that fuels the entire customer journey." Functionally, Content Hub includes a CMS (content management system) for creating a website, additional content creation tools and content distribution tools. Unlike a traditional CMS - and the former CMS Hub - Content Hub goes beyond just a way to create a website and into a fully-formed content creation machine.

Top Content Hub Features

Content Hub comes with a mix of familiar and new features. Because Content Hub is all about content and how AI can supercharge production, you'll see a general theme of creativity, conceptualization and creation throughout each offering.

Content Remix - Generate and repurpose additional content out of a single blog post. 

Brand Voice - AI will track your unique brand voice and create future content in the same style.

Scalable CMS - The same powerful HubSpot CMS, with additional content creation tools.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting - Unlock new reporting tools that focus on engagement and attribution.

Memberships - Create unique membership-based content for unique audiences, to deliver customized and personalized modern web experiences. 

WordPress Content Embed - If you're not ready to migrate your full site into HubSpot CMS, use content embeds to publish content to your existing WordPress site.

Video & Podcast Hosting - Host and embed video and podcast content without dragging down your site's loading speed.

SEO Recommendations - Get real-time optimization suggestions and insights for your blog post and website pages.

HubSpot AI - Use AI-powered tools for content generation, report creation and more.


These features make it easy to create compelling, cohesive content that's customized to your customers' wants and needs: making them more likely to engage and convert into additional revenue. The big change over the current CMS tool is the addition of content creation and distribution tools - which you can integrate into your marketing strategy without necessarily needing Marketing Hub.

Content Hub Tiers

Like other core Hubs, Content Hub is offered in several tiers to choose from, depending on your business needs. 


  • Landing pages
  • Website builder
  • AI blog
  • Basic SEO recommendations
  • Managed cloud hosting
  • Connect a custom domain
  • HubSpot branding ("powered by HubSpot")


  • Everything in Free
  • No HubSpot branding
  • Additional website pages & blog posts
  • Personalization tokens
  • Live chat & email support



  • Everything in Starter
  • Content remix
  • Brand voice
  • Podcasting
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Content management
  • Memberships and gated content
  • Content optimization and reporting


  • Everything in Professional
  • Multisites (multiple separate websites)
  • Content approvals
  • Permissioning and teams
  • Activity logging
  • Custom objects
  • Serverless functions


For most organizations, Starter or Professional will be the best fit - but it truly depends on your business needs and growth goals. Contact our HubSpot team to help determine the best tier for your organization.

What if I Already Have CMS or Marketing Hub? Will I Have to Change?

If you currently have CMS and/or Marketing Hub, you will see no changes. Current customers will be grandfathered into their existing HubSpot structure - so you will see no change in billing or features.

However, depending on how you currently use your HubSpot portal, switching to or adding on Content Hub may be a better fit for your needs. Contact our HubSpot team for a personalized recommendation based on your current usage. 

Content Hub is an exciting new tool that supercharges your content production effortlessly. This new offering will help you create the customized content that modern audiences expect, but without needing a full team of on-staff writers.

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Jen Meyer
Author: Jen Meyer
Jen Meyer is the COO and Vice President of Marketing at BizzyWeb, and a HubSpot expert.