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How to Get More Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an unusual social media network. Content that goes viral on Facebook or Twitter may fizzle on LinkedIn. As the preferred place for business and networking online, LinkedIn has its own culture and own guidelines for what performs best. If you're looking to increase your engagement on LinkedIn, try these 5 tips to inspire more activity.

1. Post Regularly

Like many social media sites, LinkedIn's algorithm rewards steady, consistent activity. According to research by HubSpot, you should aim to post between two and five posts per week. Instead of posting all your great ideas at once, write a bunch of social media posts when you feel that burst of inspiration and schedule them to post later.You can use a scheduling tool like HubSpot or Hootsuite to plan out your content in advance. 


2. Use Polls

If you've spent any time on social media, you already know that people love to share their opinion. Polls invite your users to vote and engage with your content - they can also inspire discussion. Social Media Examiner suggests 9 types of polls to get engagement on your business page:

  • Uncover your audience's top goals
  • Determine your audiences' preferred content type
  • Gather customer feedback for products and services
  • Gauge interest in new product or service concepts
  • Qualify prospects in your LinkedIn network
  • Reveal your audience's top pain point
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Research emerging industry trends
  • Determine your audience makeup by industry or company role

Ask questions that are relevant to your audience, invite discussion and will provide useful information to your team.


3. Respond to Comments

It's important to take the time to follow up with people after they leave a comment - not only does this show appreciation, but it can boost your engagement on LinkedIn as well. When you respond to a comment, it sends a notification to the original commenter which prompts them to revisit your post. It also shows anyone else viewing the post that you're active online. Give yourself a few hours or up to a day before responding to comments (unless the conversation is a timely one) - this will help boost activity on the post after it's already been live. 


4. Use Keywords on Your Profile and Posts

LinkedIn has its own micro-algorithm that the website uses when people make searches on LinkedIn. Using keywords in your personal profile, business profile, articles and posts can help LinkedIn point more people to your page. Use keywords that are relevant to your position/industry - for example "marketing coordinator" or "inbound marketing." Don't stuff your page full of these phrases, but make sure to sprinkle them naturally throughout the text. 


5. Make Sure Your Bio is Optimized

Even if you're focused on growing your business page, it's critical that your personal LinkedIn page is up to snuff as well. Take a look at the personal pages of the people in your company who are most often using LinkedIn - this will likely be your CEO, CFO, sales team and marketing team. Make sure each of their profiles follow best practices for an effective LinkedIn bio:

  1. Bios have a clear goal in mind (convey experience, attract new employees, impress clients, etc.)
  2. Bios are written in first person, not third person
  3. Bios are personalized
  4. Bios are authentic

The better your personal page, the better it reflects on your company. Additionally, updating a personal page sends notifications to your connections, which may prompt them to visit your company's page after reviewing yours.

LinkedIn can be a difficult network to master, but by trying these 5 techniques you're more likely to receive engagement on this particular platform.

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