What is HubSpot Consulting? (And Do You Need It?)

If you're a current HubSpot user, you know: it's a complex, ever-changing platform. While it offers a lot of capabilities, that also means it can take a lot of effort to have everything work exactly the way you want - especially as new data is flowing in constantly.

One of the ways to improve your HubSpot account's performance is through HubSpot consulting - but what is it, exactly? This article will discuss what HubSpot consulting is, how to know if you need it and where to go to find it.

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What is HubSpot Consulting?

"HubSpot consulting" is a vague phrase that means different things to different people. HubSpot has their own consulting programs, which are broken down based on various Hubs. Some Agencies consider HubSpot consulting as a sales process - helping clients determine whether or not HubSpot is the right tool for them. Others use consulting to mean bringing on a third party into an existing portal, for improvement recommendations. 

Likely, you know all of this if you're reading this blog because you've encountered these conflicting definitions in the wild. With that context, understand that the following definition is how our agency defines HubSpot consulting.  

HubSpot consulting is the process of auditing a portal and creating a strategy for improvement. HubSpot consulting helps businesses optimize their marketing, sales and service processes, by cleaning up their architecture and creating automations and timesavers that incorporate the company's processes into the software. Ideally, this garners more buy-in and enablement for the team, and better reporting for the company.

In this instance, a third party is brought into an existing portal to audit, strategize and fix. Unlike HubSpot's own consulting programs, this looks at your HubSpot account as a whole and all the Hubs within, vs. only specific Hubs.

How to Know if You Need HubSpot Consulting?

There are a few use cases where engaging with HubSpot consulting makes sense. If you have an existing HubSpot portal and any of the situations sound familiar, it's time to consider consulting:

  • You've recently set up your portal, but did not have onboarding services and had to DIY it.
  • You went through an onboarding process, but the process didn't include a plan for ongoing data maintenance and health.
  • You went through the onboarding process several years ago, and haven't audited your portal since (or within the last year).
  • You don't have a dedicated team member(s) or a third-party whose job duties include HubSpot portal maintenance.
  • You've worked with one or more HubSpot agencies in the past, but have recently switched agencies or aren't working with an agency at this time.

All of these use cases represent a portal undergoing change or facing data decay. Without regular maintenance, your portal's overall data health and automated processes naturally begin to fail. By assessing your current portal through an audit, these points of friction are identified. Likewise, if you've had your portal for several years with several different users, you're likely facing inconsistencies and redundancies. 

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Why Hire a HubSpot Partner Agency for Consulting?

You have several options available for HubSpot consulting. You can choose an individual who offers consulting services, source it in-house or hire a partner agency. 

There are a few key challenges you'll face if you attempt in-house or individual consulting:

  • Capacity
  • Learning curve/lack of expertise
  • Time spent away from business activities
  • Limited perspective

Working with a partner agency resolves these conflicts, and offers the following advantages:

  • team of HubSpot experts, who can offer perspective and guidance across different Hubs, markets, teams and use cases.
  • Time and cost savings through efficient auditing and strategy execution.
  • Clear objectives with documented outcomes and reporting.
  • Ongoing maintenance and communication, to align strategies and expectations. 

A team can execute what an individual cannot. HubSpot is complex, and your situation may be complex: an agency is more adaptable to offer services tailored toward whatever Hubs you have and at whatever level, vs. a singular team member or individual who tailors services to their expertise and capacity.

Additionally, an individual may only be able to offer recommendations. An agency can offer recommendations and execute them for you.

HubSpot consulting means many things to many people - but in this case, it means a comprehensive audit with concrete action items. Your HubSpot portal constantly receives new data - but if that data isn't streamlined or if it's thrown on top of a pile of existing, irrelevant data, then you're not able to get the most out of your account. HubSpot consulting bridges those gaps.

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Dave Meyer
Author: Dave Meyer
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