What is the Benefit of HubSpot CMS?

What is the Benefit of HubSpot CMS?

More and more enterprise-level businesses are moving away from WordPress and to HubSpot's CMS. But why? What is the benefit of HubSpot CMS that entices businesses to migrate their website to a new platform?

Let's explore what makes HubSpot CMS different, and what benefits businesses can expect to see from it.

What is HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot CMS (content management system) is a powerful web-building software that's flexible for marketers, powerful for developers and gives your customers a personalized yet secure experience. 

HubSpot’s CMS is powerful, fast, secure and flexible. Unlike other platforms, HubSpot CMS is designed to cater to the needs of all teams involved in website management. Developers have full control and can do what they need to without having to work around a clunky system. Marketers, sales and operations can edit content on-the-fly without having to know code. And all your marketing, data and sales info is in one spot, which makes for less task-switching and data loss. 

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Benefits of HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS makes your site into a true marketing and sales tool, not just a brochure.

Easy for non-developers to use

One of the most common frustrations for business owners is a website they can't update. Even if you use a common platform like WordPress, your site may use content builders or poorly built themes on the backend, making pages difficult to update. Something as simple as swapping out a section or removing an image often requires a call to your web developer (and likely a cost).

With HubSpot, the editing experience is streamlined and simple to update content. Non-developers can easily change out words, images and sections with no coding experience needed.

Custom options for developers

Even though HubSpot CMS is designed for non-developers and makes it easy to update content, that doesn't mean that developers have to sacrifice functionality or ease of customization. HubSpot's in-depth developer's guide and online community provides tutorials on how to achieve almost any goal. Developers can use integrations within HubSpot to tap into the tools they already use. With additional web dev tools like Sprocket Rocket that allow greater customization, your development team will still execute beautiful, functional web pages and sites supported by a robust HubSpot developer community.

Better user tracking

With increased privacy laws and the elimination of third-party data, marketers and business owners have less visibility into their audience. However, because HubSpot's CMS hooks into your CRM, you're able to regain a lot of user information. Once a user provides first-party data like filling out a form or otherwise opting-in to communications, you're able to track their specific activity across your entire website. This can help provide insights and convert on-the-fence leads into customers by delivering the content visitors want to see based on their behaviors.

Plays well with Other HubSpot Hubs

Another huge reason to use HubSpot CMS is that it works seamlessly alongside any other HubSpot tool you may use now or in the future. You can send targeted emails using Marketing Hub, create a knowledge base with Service Hub, schedule demos online using Sales Hub - and more. Whatever other HubSpot Hubs you use, CMS will work alongside them and amplify their power.

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Security and peace of mind

HubSpot's CMS has enhanced security features built-in that help protect your site. Tools like WordPress rely on you to install and maintain third-party plugins to ensure your website's security. HubSpot's CMS includes a suite of default security measures. These include standard SSL certificates, 24/7 security monitoring, premium cloud hosting and GDPR and cookie compliance.

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HubSpot CMS Tiers

Like other HubSpot Hubs, there are three primary CMS tiers to choose from. Which tier is right for you depends on your business, website size and other HubSpot Hubs.

1. CMS Hub Starter

CMS Hub Starter is a solid choice for small to mid size businesses looking to launch a small (under 50 page) website on a budget. You will be missing a number of more in-depth marketing and testing capabilities, but starter tier comes with all of the basic features you need to get a website off the ground quickly and securely.

2. CMS Hub Professional

Pro offers everything in the starter tier plus features for custom/dynamic content, optimizing website performance and reporting. This tier is ideal for most mid to large companies who want to focus on enhancing user experience and marketing performance, but are not ready for the scale of the Enterprise level investment.

3. CMS Hub Enterprise


The third and top tier available is CMS Hub Enterprise. Enterprise will give you everything that HubSpot currently has to offer from CMS. This level is perfect for large to enterprise-sized businesses with ambitious revenue goals, looking to go all in on maximizing their lead generation.

Still not sure which tier is right for you? Want more information about HubSpot CMS? Our in-depth buyer's guide explores everything you need to know about HubSpot CMS, including:

  • What Is HubSpot CMS? - Learn what HubSpot CMS (Content Management System) is and why it benefits your business. From comprehensive web hosting and content creation  to simplifying the process of building, managing, and optimizing websites. 
  • Three Different Hub Tiers - HubSpot offers three tiers of CMS (Content Management System) that cater to different needs and requirements. These tiers are: CMS Hub Starter, CMS Hub Professional, and CMS Hub Enterprise. We will walk you through the benefits of each tier.
  • Why You Should Choose HubSpot CMS - Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) for your website offers numerous benefits, making it a wise decision for various individuals and businesses. A CMS simplifies the process of creating, updating, and managing digital content.

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Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) for your website is not a task that should be taken lightly. Your website is one of the most powerful sales and marketing assets, and a critical growth engine for your business. 

We created this guide for anyone considering this CMS Hub. It offers an overview of everything you’ll need to make your decision.


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