5 More Essential HubSpot Workflows to Copy

HubSpot workflows are a powerful tool with endless possibilities...but endless possibilities can also mean it's hard to know where to start.

Whether you're new to HubSpot, or a seasoned user looking to make it work better, you'll want to copy these 5 workflows.


What is a HubSpot Workflow?

First, let's give you a quick intro (or refresher) on workflows. 

A workflow is an automated process that triggers based on an action, status or event. This automated process can include updating contact properties, creating tasks, sending emails and a number of other simple marketing tasks. 

Workflows are available to users on all Hubs at the Professional level or higher. If you're using HubSpot Starter or Free, you won't have access to workflows. 

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Workflows allow you to automate tasks that could take hours of manual work. They can be used for data cleanup, contact organization, inbound marketing, sales processes, service ticket handoff - or any number of other applications.

We've previously covered other essential workflows in our first blog: 5 Essential HubSpot Workflows to Copy. Check out that blog to learn how to create a reminder for sales to grade leads, automatically mark lead source, re-engage email contacts, reconnect with old leads and send a customer anniversary email.

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Jump to a workflow:

  1. Basic Inbound Download Campaign
  2. Reduce # of Marketing Contacts
  3. Event Signup 
  4. Payment Notification 
  5. Mark Subscriptions as Revenue

Workflow 1: Basic Inbound Campaign

If you're running any inbound marketing campaigns, you'll want to use this basic workflow and build on it to add more complexity as needed. The most typical inbound campaign involves a form fill in exchange for a download, this workflow follows that design.

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Note: Prior to creating the workflow, you'll need to create a landing page, form and follow-up emails within HubSpot.

Description: Enroll contacts based on form submission on a landing page. Mark contacts as marketing leads (so they can receive automated emails). Send a series of 3 automated emails at set intervals. If the contact books a meeting (or completes other desired action) from an email, remove them from the workflow.


>> This is a large workflow. Click here to see a full-sized screenshot of it built out.

Note: This workflow example includes extra steps for updating a contact's lifecycle stage based on form submission and sending an internal notification to the sales team. I recommend keeping those steps, but they're optional.

Workflow 2: Reduce # of Marketing Contacts

If you have Marketing Hub, this workflow is a lifesaver for keeping your total number of marketing contacts in check. If a contact has unsubscribed from all email or repeatedly bounces, this workflow automatically marks them as a non-marketing contact.

Description: Enroll contacts who have unsubscribed from all marketing types OR contacts who have hard bounced on the last 5 emails. Enrolled contacts are changed from marketing contacts to non-marketing contacts.


screenshot of a workflow to mark contacts as non-marketing contacts in hubspot

Click here for a full-size version of the workflow screenshot

Workflow 3: Zoom Webinar Signup

If you're running all of your marketing out of HubSpot, you should also run event signups. Zoom has an integration within HubSpot that allows you to collect contact information via a HubSpot form and then connect those contacts to your Zoom webinar to register them. 

Note: For this workflow to work properly, you will need to know the Zoom ID of your webinar. You can find instructions on how to find your Webinar ID on Zoom's Support page. I also recommend making a landing page, form and confirmation emails for the event; you'll need to create those first before the workflow.

Description: Use a form on a custom-built landing page to collect signups. Add contact to Zoom Webinar using webinar ID. Send confirmation and reminder emails.


a screenshot of a sample workflow in HubSpot for a webinar registration

Click here for a full-size version of the workflow screenshot

Workflow 4: Payment Notification

This is a nifty little workflow to make sure that your internal teams are properly notified when deals move through your pipelines. If you have team(s) that need to wait to begin work until payment is received, set up this workflow to automatically notify the relevant team members.

Note: You can use this workflow with or without HubSpot's Commerce Hub. Since we have Commerce Hub, the example below follows that. See alternate directions if you don't use Commerce Hub.

Description: Enroll deals when the deal stage is equal to Closed Won and the Deal is associated with Any Payment. [Alternate for non-Commerce Hub users: Create a custom property called "payment received." Your sales and finance teams must work together to ensure this property is manually changed to "yes" when payment is received.] Create a task to send an internal email notification to selected team members.


>> This is a large workflow. Click here to see a full-sized screenshot of it built out.

Note: Our version is a little more complex because we have so many team members, but this workflow is useful for larger teams to copy. We added an extra step to notify our CFO with start/end dates (using Commerce Hub) and then a branch to send notifications to the project manager assigned to the deal before notifications are sent to team members. If you have a smaller team, just ignore those two extra steps.

Workflow 5: Mark Subscriptions as Revenue

With the new HubSpot payments tool, you can now collect subscription-based payments for repeat payments. Take this functionality a step further by updating contact records for those paying that way for more accurate reporting.

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Description: Enroll deals that are set as subscriptions. Add a delay to let the system process data. If the start date is known, then update property values for recurring revenue amount, deal type and expiration date. If start date isn't known, set a task for a team member to update that information manually.


a screenshot of a hubspot workflow that updates CRM information when a deal is a subscription.

Click here for a full-size version of the workflow screenshot

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Author: Jen Meyer
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