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5 Signs It's Time to Break Up With Your Marketing Agency

It's not you, it's me. No, wait....actually it is you.

Sometimes a relationship can seem perfect on the outside, but it's a toxic mess behind the scenes. This is true for agency-client relationships as well. Is your agency giving you what you need? You may not know it, but it may be time to break up. Look for these signs that there's trouble in paradise.


Sign 1: They Don't Practice What They Preach

Is your marketing agency following the same best practices they tell you to follow? Do they post to their social media regularly? Are they blogging consistently? If they can't follow their own recommendations, why should you? If your marketing agency is not regularly marketing themselves, you should be very concerned.


Sign 2: They Use Black Hat SEO Tactics

Shady agencies will resort to unscrupulous tactics to get you ranking in search engines - which could get your website blacklisted from Google in the long run. Black Hat SEO tactics violate Google's standards by keyword stuffing. If you've ever seen something like this, you've been a victim of keyword stuffing:

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You may initially shoot up in your Google ranking, but it's only a matter of time until the hammer strikes down. At best, you could lose your spot in Google. At worst, Google could ban you from their platform. A reputable agency will rely on best practices for your SEO.


Sign 3: They Don't Communicate

You should always be able to reach out to your agency with any questions. A rotating door of account representatives is a bad sign, and a monthly report with no context or explanation is even worse. Does your agency take the time to explain what each part of their report means? Do they walk you through their Key Performance Indicators? Do you know exactly what services you are paying for? Your agency should be a partner, not an absent force that occasionally sends you auto-generated reports. 


Sign 4: They Have All the Control

It's perfectly normal for an agency to ask for your passwords. What is not normal is for your agency to have sole control of your accounts. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics, HubSpot and your website all allow for multiple users of varying permissions levels. Someone at your company should always have a login for these platforms and be set as an administrator. An agency that insists only they have control or that any of the platforms mentioned above has only one direct login should not be trusted.


Sign 5: They Overpromise

When trying to make a sale, many agencies will dazzle you with all these incredible results you'll see - rank on the first page of Google in just one month! Double your business in weeks! Hundreds of phone calls a week! Be wary of lofty, larger-than-life promises. Instead, a reputable agency will set realistic expectations with you based on your goals and have clear metrics that they are held accountable to. 

It's hard to cut a relationship loose, but it's better in the long run for your health and well-being. If you're paying an agency for marketing work and they aren't getting you what you need, don't stick around! It's time to find something better.

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