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15 Marketing Clichés Your Clients Want You to Stop Using

Searching for ways to be more efficient in your off-the-wall marketing? Let's put a pin in that, and loop back to it at our synergy meeting. 

With the whole wide world of marketing at everyone's fingertips, marketing clichés stick out like a sore thumb. It's easy to fall back on certain phrases, but if you want your content to really shine here are some phrases your clients want you to kick to the curb. 

 Marketing Clichés to Avoid

1. "Built from the ground up."

2. "We do XYZ, so you don't have to."

3. "We're here to help you."

4. "Do more with less."

5. "World-class."

6. "Innovative."

7. "One-stop shop."

8. "Go the extra mile."

9. "Move the needle."

10. "Outside the box."

11. "Results-driven."

12. "Cyber."

13. "Final days to save."

14. "For X, by X."

15. "In business for X years." 

What To Use Instead

If you want to create truly great marketing language, get to the root of what you do for your customers. For example, our two taglines here at BizzyWeb:

  • "Generate buzz without getting stung."
  • "No BS. No buzzwords. Just results."

Cut to the chase of what we do ("generate buzz" & "just results") while also capturing our company culture ("without getting stung" & "No BS. No buzzwords."). Start with what makes you unique and build from there.

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